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The LPM/LPX 5000 series accurately measure low differential or relative pressure of gases and liquids from 0.2 inH2O to 15 psi full scale. With a choice of current or voltage output, they are suitable for unidirectional (e.g. 0 to 8 inH2O) or bi-directional (e.g. -8 to 8 inH2O) pressure measurements.
An innovative eddy current measurement system enables the use of low displacement sensor diaphragms operating well within elasticity limits. In addition, the “dry cell” sensor concept means no internal fluid is used. Combined with a rugged design, this ensures high performance with long term reliability, even when operating over a wide temperature range.
The LPM/LPX 5000 series are therefore ideally suited to a wide range of precision applications including clean room monitoring, low level measurement, chimney air flow and filter monitoring amongst many others.

Voltage output
Ranges from 0.2 inH2O to 15 psi (0.5 mbar to 1 bar)
Accuracy: ±0.25% full scale (FS) best fit straight
line (BSL)
Unidirectional or bidirectional operation
Line Pressure: vacuum to 300 psig (20 bar)
Full wet/wet media compatibility

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